Having a review of the kit you take with you on your travels? Or need to replace an old gadget that’s seen better days? You’re in luck! Below, we round up our favourite gadgets for travel bloggers that are sure to help you do everything you need to do while on the road!

GoPro Session action camera

No self-respecting travel blogger is without their action cam these days. There’s no better way to capture exciting, action packed footage while on the road, especially as you’ll be able to film in places you’d never want to take your smartphone!

The GoPro Session is possibly the best option for travel bloggers on a budget. Not only is it a highly capable camera despite being the new entry level product from GoPro, it’s also the smallest. Pick the standard GoPro Session, or the new Hero5 version which features 4K recording and voice control if you have a bit more cash you’re willing to spend.

Get yours here.

GoPro accessory kit

A GoPro is essentially useless without mounts, however GoPro’s official accessories are extremely pricey for what they are. Forget about branded accessories – stick to the cheaper ones you can find easily on amazon. They’re fully compatible with standard GoPro mounts, plus, there’s no worries if you loose or break any!

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A 32 or 64GB SD Card

Having enough capacity on your SD card is essential – there’s nothing worse than recording an incredible moment of your trip only to find you’re out of storage. 32 and 64GB cards are now more affordable than ever, so one of these is a no-brainer.

Yes, you can always offload footage to your device and upload to the cloud, whether you’re using iCloud, Google Drive or GoPro’s new cloud service, but what if you’re not in range of a wifi signal? Having a high capacity SD card means you can offload footage to your other devices while keeping the video files on your camera. That way, if the worst happens and either your phone or camera gets lost or stolen, you have a back-up and are more likely to have your footage stored safely.

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Smartphone camera lenses

Not got the budget for an action cam? Or do you want a second camera angle? Smartphone cameras are great, but their video settings tend to result in footage that is too ‘zoomed-in’ by default, which is down to the lens.

Fortunately, you can by a set of cheap clip-on lenses for your smartphone camera to change that. Need to film in a confined space? Try a fisheye lense. Or want to get your whole group into your selfie? Try clipping a wider lens onto your front camera.

And if you already have a GoPro, a set of lenses for your phone is great to add a high quality second camera angle to make your videos more dynamic and exciting.

Get yours here.

iPad Mini

The iPad Mini doesn’t get much love from critics, many consider it to be too small as a tablet, or too similar to large screen phones, and sales of small tablets have declined in recent years. The truth is, it’s still a great device for travel bloggers.

Yes, a 5.5 inch or even 6 inch smartphone sounds like it’s nearly as big as a 7.9 inch iPad Mini screen, but that number is the diagonal measurement of the screen. The actual screen area of an iPad Mini is still almost three times larger than an iPhone Plus.

On top of that, the iPad Mini is the same resolution as a standard iPad, so the same user experience is packed into a smaller space. The result is you can do a lot more on an iPad Mini than a smartphone – even a large one!

Not only that, there’s some great apps that can help you with your travel blogging along the way. Uses Pages or Google Docs to write your blog posts while on the move, and Pixelmator to edit your photos to go along with your articles.

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Anker Bluetooth keyboard

If you’re planning to do a lot of writing on your iPad while on the move, a bluetooth keyboard is a great idea. Pick up a cheap full-size one and you’re sure to be able to type quicker than using an onscreen keyboard. Plus, it means the on-screen keyboard won’t pop up, giving you more space onscreen to see what you’re working on!

Get yours here.

Asus Chromebook

Sure, an iPad isn’t right for everyone. Editing your posts in WordPress is still quite difficult using the iPad’s web browser, and the official WordPress app is still a bit limited.

If you want a full computer experience while on the move, the answer is likely to get a Chromebook. These inexpensive laptops can come in packages as small as 11-12 inches, meaning they’ll take up very little luggage space, and you’ll be able to do everything you usually do on a web browser, such as updating and maintaining your site.

These are great if you’ll regularly be able to connect to wifi, as everything can be backed up to your Google account. That also means if you loose your Chromebook, you can simply download all your data again to a replacement device when you get home.

Get yours here.

Seagate Wireless Plus Harddrive

Fancy some entertainment on that long haul flight or overnight train? That can be pretty tough if you’re still rocking an iPhone with a measly 16GB of storage. The solution could be a portable wireless hard drive, such as the range by Seagate.

These clever hard drives feature built in wifi and USB. Simply plug yours into your computer before you leave, add all your movies, and then access them via wifi when on the move. The device can stream three different videos to up to three devices, meaning you can share it with your travel companions.

With storage capacities up to 2TB, you can bring all your movies along for the ride, or use it to offload your camera footage to. Plus, when you reach your destination, you can connect it to the hotel’s wifi, then connect your devices to the internet via the hard drive, giving you access to the internet and to it’s data at the same time!

Anker portable battery

One of the downsides of these gadgets is that their batteries don’t usually last that long under regular use. With so many gadgets to bring along, chances are you won’t be able to charge them all together unless you fancy lugging a bulky power strip with you. That also wouldn’t stop your phone dying after 12 hours away from a power outlet.

The solution is to bring a portable battery pack. Large capacity batteries are pretty cheap these days and can have enough capacity to keep your devices juiced up for several days.

Get yours here.

Gadget insurance

The last thing any serious travel blogger needs is insurance for their devices. There’s nothing worse than having something lost, stolen or broken, particularly if they have your precious photos or videos on them.

Ease the pain with a gadget insurance plan to repair or replace any of your gadgets. You may already have your devices covered with your home insurance, but it’s always worth checking they’ll be covered when you’re away from home!

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