Are you wondering how you should store your travel soap on a journey? In this article we’ll look at how to safely store bars of soap or solid shampoo bars in a suitcase or backpack while travelling, without making a huge mess!

Is soap considered a liquid in hand luggage?

One of the benefits of travelling with solid soap instead of shower gel or other liquid soap, is that soap bars are not considered a liquid for handluggage, and not counted under the 100ml rule.

Unfortunately, when bar soap gets wet, it can get sticky thanks to the soapy residue, which can make it difficult to store.

Our favourite soap box

Our favourite soap box is available at Amazon US, available in black and white, and helps to keep your soap dry with the built-in draining tray. Meanwhile, the product comes with a silicon band to help ensure your soap is kept safe within your luggage.

Resealable plastic bag

If you’re on a budget, then there’s nothing cheaper than the clear resealable plastic bags that are provided for your handluggage liquids given away at airport security.

If you travel with a dry, sealed bar of soap, then simply pick up an extra resealable bag before the security check, and keep for when you use your soap. You can then keep your soap inside, but remember to take out your other liquids first!

You can also use any other sort of resealable plastic bag or ziplock style bag, for example those used in the kitchen.

Soap bag

If you travel frequently and want something more rugged, then why not try a specialised soap container or bag? This is especially useful if you usually travel with handluggage only and want to minimise the amount of liquids you’re carrying.

Amazon offer several options including the following from Amazon US and Amazon UK. Check out Amazon’s most popular here, which has a 4.5 star rating from over 2,500 reviews.

Soap tin

An alternative to a bag is to use a tin. Again, on Amazon you can find several designs specifically for soap, or you may be able to repurpose another tin you already own.

Browse cost-effective options at Amazon US and Amazon UK.

Alternatively check out this three pack of soap travel cases, which come in white, pink and blue.

Safe travels!

With a resealable bag, you can travel with your bar of soap safe in the knowledge it is unlikely to leak residue in your tolietries bag or luggage.

What do you use to store your soap when travelling? Let us know in the comments!

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