It might come to you as a surprise but did you know that last-minute hotel booking can be cheaper? Can you believe it?

Well, 66% of the time, the hotels booking are much cheaper 15 days before your booking dates. No, I am not just baffling out words, but it is actually true.

Ironically, the airfares tend to rise during the end moment bookings, and it’s different for hotel bookings. According to the research, the later you book your hotel, the better discounts you are offered.

Actually, there is no rocket science to understand why one is offered better rates at the last moment. Obviously, the main goal of any hotel is to maximize their occupancy, and if they are not able to do that, they start attracting travelers by offering exciting discounts.

Interestingly, you get better discounts the longer you wait, so if you are a great planner and need your trip to be well-organized, book everything way before your trip. Well, sorry to say that you are wasting a good amount of your money by paying substantial hotel rents.

Hold on, wait at least 15 days before your trip, and start scanning through some fantastic discounts. Moreover, here are some smart tips that can grab you some significant price drops that can be easy on your pocket. Well, you can thank me later!!!

Tips to Find Maximum Discount on Hotel Deals

You are now aware that you can save more money by booking hotels even at the last moment. But next, I am going to share some fantastic tips that can help you get the best deals in the town.

Always Book your Hotel at 4

Did you know that one can save upto 13% by making a hotel booking at 4? Surprisingly, yes!. The hotel’s rates are typically dropped at 4 p.m. As hotels want to maximize their occupancy rate, they need to fill in the rooms. Therefore, if you call them at 4 p.m, you would get rooms at a much lower price.

Be Alert!

To save some money, it’s a good idea to book tickets at the last moment. But again, if there is an event going around or a big celebration in a nearby place, you may lose your luck.

You may want to consider going to a different place at these particular times. You have to take a specific risk while booking a location at the very last minute. The chances of such things happening would be meager, but do some research while selecting a particular place. You can even check last-minute hotel booking apps to book a hotel at times like this.

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Avoid Booking During Weekdays

Did you know that the prices differ on different days of the week? Yes, as the history of booking and pricing suggest that booking on a particular day can be pocket friendly as it can offer you some discounts.

Booking flights and hotels can cost you way different. For instance, booking a flight on Sunday can prove too costly. Conversely, booking hotels on Sunday can really save you some bucks.

It may not be an ideal case, but still, it’s worth checking the hotel rates during the weekdays and comparing them with Sunday prices.

Get the Best Deal from all Organizers

A pro trip would call out ample agents and ask them to give a quotation. Brief them with their trip details and ask them to provide you with a budget.

Similarly, you can ask for a quotation from several other travel booking agencies. Well, you can bargain with them at your best. And, can bring each of them to their best-offered prices. Moreover, you can even haggle with other agencies over the other agency’s lower offered price.

Try Calling the Hotel

Searching for last-minute deals can be a big task, and comparing various hotels and applying discounts can consume a lot of time. Instead, a quick method would be calling the hotel managers and asking them for last-minute deals.

The options work best to get the best deals around. Well, you can call the managers and ask them to show you options that would act in the interests of both parties. You can also persuade him to give you more discounts than written on the official site. And there are high chances that they would offer you better deals.

The point here is they need to fill their rooms, and they can’t afford to lose the customers in the end. So, the chances are that they would concur to give you the best prices. You would also notice a drop down in prices on vacation rental apps too.

Though these ways work great by giving you a discount. However, there are specific points one should keep in mind while booking hotels. Next, we will talk about matters that you should be aware of:-

  • During holidays avoid booking hotels at the last moment.
  • Make sure that there is no significant event happening in the destined area.
  • The advised period of booking a room would be 15 days before your trip.
  • Remember to check the credit card discounts.

In the End….

Before you plan your trip, make sure that you get some smart discounts on hotels. Some people are saving insane amounts of money through these tricks. So, next, when you plan a trip with your family or friends, do not forget to try these pocket-friendly ways.

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