Like the famous saying goes ‘To Err is Human’, we all make mistakes. However, when it comes to travelling, we all can make mistakes, without even trying. Well, some mistakes can be quickly fixed and forgotten, but others can really prove time-consuming, disastrous, and expensive.

Allow me to discuss 7 common mistakes you should avoid while you are travelling abroad.

Not Buying Travel Insurance

It has been noticed that majority of the travellers don’t buy travel insurance. But, having a good travel insurance plan is an inexpensive and smart protection from any accident, travel delays, passport & credit card theft, illness, and injury.

All those travellers who buy travel insurance, realise that they have the coverage needed in a travel emergency as well as a person whom they can call during any emergency on the trip. The whole application process is quite simple, so go ahead and choose the smarter way of travelling and get yourself covered.

Before buying insurance, it’s worth checking whether you already have any cover to ensure you don’t end up paying more than you need to. For example, some credit cards come with trip cancellation insurance, so you may save money by finding a travel insurance package that doesn’t duplicate this, yet covers you for other activities or scenarios.

Carrying Too Much Stuff

Did you bring too much stuff?

We all have come across travellers with those heavy and bulky travel bags on their shoulders. If you don’t want to have sore shoulders and want to avoid extra luggage costs, make sure you don’t add unnecessary things in your travel bag. Be a smart traveller and add all those things you will be needing, but not more than you need. If you do come across a situation you aren’t prepared for, you can also always buy things you need.

You can also make a checklist on the basis of the length of your trip and the things you will be doing. This will certainly help you in keeping the things you will be needing and this will also assist you in making your travel bag lightweight.

Exchanging Money At The Airport

Travelling abroad is a costly affair and it gets costlier when you convert your currency. Having the best exchange rate is important. If you want to exchange your currency, make sure you have visited the official exchange kiosks. The exchange rates tend to vary widely and gets more expensive if you are exchanging from the airport. You can also choose to withdraw money from an ATM when you reach your destination.

Forgetting About Visa Requirements

make sure you bring the right travel documents!

Avoid getting on a plane or don’t even think of crossing any border until you have gone through the visa requirements thoroughly. There are some countries where a visa is not required, but there are certain countries where you need visa upon arrival.

Some countries even require you to have it months before you arrive in that particular country. I am sure you don’t want to face a situation where you are being denied to enter the country just because you forgot about the visa and important immigration documents.

Not Knowing About The Dress Codes

If you have plans of visiting a warm and tropical place, you may end up packing shorts or bikini. However, it may be acceptable in your home, but do you know that there are various tropical destinations where they have a dress code and other dress-related restrictions.

These restrictions are both for men and women, so make sure you have checked beforehand. Though you may not find dress codes at some destinations, but a level of respect is expected from you, as a visitor, so make sure you have the updated information.

Carrying Large Amounts Of Cash

As a tourist, flaunting your wallet with a large amount of cash can get you in trouble. Moreover, you also become an easy target for the pickpockets. Once they have seen you travelling with huge cash, you will be the first one they will aim for. And if you like to store all your cash at one place, then also it becomes easier for the pickpockets to take all your things in one go.

Make sure you have carried only small amount for your day to day expenses. You can also choose to store your money in varied places on your body or travel bag if you want to prevent any incident of theft. In addition, make sure you have stored your credit cards and passport at a place which is not accessible easily.

Disrespecting Country’s Customs And Religion

One element that makes this world a beautiful place is the fact that no two places are alike. No matter where you travel, every place will have its own culture, food, language, and dressing, all these factors make travelling such a blissful & enriching experience.

Take some time out and read about the country’s culture and their customs before you visit. Not many travellers are aware of the fact that in some countries, there are strict rules as far as photography is concerned, display of affection, clothing, eating timings, and prayer timings. So, it becomes important to study before you visit so that you don’t accidentally disrespect a country’s culture and customs.

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