The 9 Most Epic Things To Do In New Zealand North Island

New Zealand is a picturesque country that surprises every tourist arriving there. While the South Island is famous for towns and fiords such as Queenstown and Milford Sound, the North Island is a must-visit destination with hundreds of exciting activities. Discover nine of the most exciting things to do in the North Island of New [...]

Ask A Traveler: Is it Cheaper to Book Hotels Last-Minute?

It might come to you as a surprise but did you know that last-minute hotel booking can be cheaper? Can you believe it? Well, 66% of the time, the hotels booking are much cheaper 15 days before your booking dates. No, I am not just baffling out words, but it is actually true. Ironically, the [...]

Iceland Itinerary: Planning Your Trip to the Land of Ice and Fire

If you’re planning your first trip to Iceland, then there’s probably lots on your mind when it comes to ensuring you make the most of your time in this must-see destination. We’ve put together this guide on all the essential information you need for planning your Iceland itinerary, including an example itinerary based on our [...]

What makes Malaga, Spain a great city to visit?

Malaga is the sixth-largest city in Spain. Considered to be the most cosmopolitan city in southern Spain, this city is the home to over 571,000 citizens and it's also one of the most chosen tourist attractions in the entire country. The city of Malaga is very rich in history and in fact, it's one of [...]

Arouca and the Paiva walkways: a natural treasure in Portugal!

If you seek for calm and peace and if you want to enjoy the pleasures of walking in nature there is a stunning small city in Portugal that can offer you that: Arouca! At the moment, Portugal is one of the most popular destinations in Europe. It is a small country with so much to [...]