New Zealand is a picturesque country that surprises every tourist arriving there. While the South Island is famous for towns and fiords such as Queenstown and Milford Sound, the North Island is a must-visit destination with hundreds of exciting activities. Discover nine of the most exciting things to do in the North Island of New Zealand right here!

1. Exploring Waterfalls And Lakes

The natural terrain has created New Zealand many majestic waterfalls and lakes with splendid beauty that tourists can find nowhere in the world. Some beautiful ones are:

  • The Bridal Weil Waireinga Falls: This 55 meters high waterfall was found in Pakoka River in New Zealand. It is located in the Wairēinga Scenic Reserve and has caused the formation of a large pool at the base with its power. 
  • Whangarei Falls: It is 26 meters high and considered one of the most breathtaking waterfalls in this country. Whangarei waterfall has extensive walkways and has been a picnic spot since the 1980s.
  • Lake Taupo: This is the largest lake of New Zealand, where people can kayak, go sailing, go fishing, etc. Lake Taupo is reported to be the caldera of Taupo Volcano. 
  • Lake Waikaremoana: This Lake may take about three or four days to walk around. Exploring Lake Waikaremoana, tourists will have a chance to admire wetlands, waterfalls, rivers, pristine rainforest, valleys of mist, and so on.   

2. Visiting Cathedral Cove Marine Reserve

This is an excellent place for swim and picnic on the Coromandel Peninsula in New Zealand. The cathedral-like arch brings Cathedral Cove Marine Reserve a magnificent beauty with a giant arched cave passing through a white rock headland. The beach here is packed with crystal blue water and shady pohutukawa trees. This 840 ha reserve attracts about 150,000 tourists each year and is said to be a must-see destination in the North Island of New Zealand. 

3. Sightseeing Hobbiton Movie Location

This is the movie set of the Lords of the Rings film trilogy and the Hobbit film series. In Hobbiton Movie Location, you will be guided to a 2-hour walking tour through hobbit houses and famous landmarks. If you are a backpacker, you can visit both Hobbiton Movie Set and the Waitomo Caves from Auckland.

4. Watching A Rugby Game

If you are a fan of rugby and New Zealand national rugby union team is your beloved, there will be nothing more enjoyable than watching the “All Backs” playing in their home country. Eden Park in Auckland is the place where rugby games are often organized. Entrance fee for a national competition is NZ$20-30/person while that for an international match is NZ$60-150. It seems to be quite expensive, but it is worth paying.

5. Enjoying The Hot Thermal Springs

Rotorua, New Zealand is an ideal place for eating, sleeping, and spa. The hot thermal springs are available everywhere in this town and make up the unique feature for this area. Here, you can steam up in geysers fields, fumarole, mud pools, or hot springs. Polynesian Spa in Rotorua is said to be one of the ten world-class destinations for tourists to experience the best thermal activities. 

6. Kayaking

North New Zealand is home to various coves, unique coastal formation, and white sand beaches with clear water; thereby, sea kayaking is an excellent way to explore the beautiful nature of the North Island. There are both half day and full day tours for tourists to choose, basing on their age, hobby, and ability. 

7. Doing A Food Tour

New Zealand’s cuisine is diverse with the combination of American, European, and Southeast Asian food cultures. Here is the list of must-enjoy delicacies in New Zealand.

  • Hokey Pokey: A kind of vanilla ice cream
  • Fish and chips: This dish may not originate from New Zealand, but it has typical flavor in this country
  • Manuka honey: Many recipes in this country contain manuka honey – a substance can help to boost our health. Also, you can buy this product as travel gifts for your relatives and friends
  • Lemon & Paeroa: This is a soft drink made from kiwis
  • Pavlova: A kind of meringue dessert with a crispy outer layer and soft inner core
  • Paua: A dish made from raw or fried sea snail
  • Afghans: Chocolate cookies, which is crispy 
  • Tuatua: A shellfish eating
  • Whitebait fritter: An egg and juvenile fish omelet 

8. Seeing Wildlife

If you are an adventure explorer and you want to live close to nature, New Zealand’s North Island is for you. It is a continent with diverse flora and fauna system. This area is also home to many sanctuaries and nature reserves, such as: 

  • Rainbow Spring Nature Park: A small zoo in Rotorua, where you can meet kiwis and other interactive animals. 
  • Red Rocks Reserve: This is a coastal walk, leading to the colony of pups with amazing fur.
  • Tāwharanui Marine Reserve: In this marine reserve, you can go snorkeling or diving to see colorful fishes, dolphins, and reefs.
  • Cape Kidnappers: This is the largest habitat of seabird in the world.
  • Zealandia Sanctuary: This eco-sanctuary is a protected area with 225 ha of forest. The number of endangered species such as tui and Kaka has been increased in this natural area. Other animals such as glowworms, Little Spotted Kiwi, etc. are also raised in Zealandia Sanctuary nowadays.

9. Going Up High

New Zealand’s North Island is said to be an ideal destination for adventurous travelers and going up high to admire this breathtaking landscape is a must. Here, you can try:

  • Sky Walk: You will have a chance to view the whole Auckland city from the highest building in New Zealand – the 192-meter Sky Tower. You have to walk in a platform with a safety harness but no handrails, and while you are walking around this tower, you can stop at several points to enjoy the beautiful setting and take photos. 
  • Sky Diving: Free falling from thousands of feet will be a fantastic experience for tourists coming to New Zealand. You can try this activity in Taupo or Auckland, where you will be trained by tandem instructors in advance. 

Above is the list of nine greatest things to do in the North Island of New Zealand. These activities are promised to give you unforgettable moments during your trip. Have you ever been to New Zealand North Island? What did you do during your holiday? Share your point by commenting on the box following.

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