Why Johannesburg should be on your travel bucket list

Johannesburg – otherwise known as Joburg or Jozi – is becoming a more and more popular tourist destination each year, as the city sets out on the road of recover after 20 years of decline. Despite having a reputation for crime, with a safety conscious approach, it’s perfectly possible to have a great time exploring this out of the ordinary city. Many tourists wish they’d seen more of the city once they’ve left, so in this post, we’ll look at a number of great activities to make the most of this one of a kind destination!

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5 Essential Tips for Travel Photography

Travel photography is undoubtedly one of the most varied and exciting disciplines in the art form. The ability to capture moments and vistas well beyond the everyday can result in some truly phenomenal shots. However, it’s not always necessarily easy to get the shots that you want. For that reason, we’re going to be taking a look at five tips for ensuring you have as much range to capture great travel shots.

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Good Music – A Must Have For A Road Trip

There are plenty of exciting things about road tripping. When planning such an adventure, we usually look forward to the long curvy roads, full bright sun, quality time with friends or family, picturesque scenarios and awesome photos, and many more, including… listening to good music in the car! After all, can a road trip be complete without the perfect playlist?

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5 Effective Ways to Boost Your Travel Blog

To travel and see the world is to be free, create your own happiness, and find your purpose under the stars. To travel and get paid to do it at the same time, now that is a life many people dream about! Even though we live in a digital world where a laptop and a stable Wi-Fi connection are all you need to kick-start your very own travel blog, that doesn’t mean that the road to blogging superstardom won’t be long and full of challenges.

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Top 10 Must-do Activities in Fiji

Thinking about traveling to Fiji? Unsure what to do when you arrive there? The tropical island of Fiji boasts numerous activities for people of all ages. With it’s crystal clear waters and gorgeous blue sky, it would be hard to say no to jumping in the waters of Fiji and exploring the many the islands. Planning to bring the family? Fiji isn’t just for adults. Fiji is renowned for its family-friendly attitude, providing fun activities for every age. The more adventurous ones can enjoy the depths of the water with scuba diving and underwater scooting, while others can enjoy a beautiful hike, taking in the nature and beauty of Fiji. There are a number of Fiji luxury villas that can assist you when it comes to planning your travel activities if you are unsure what to do. 

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My Expat Life – What Makes Sydney Such a Great City for Students?

There is no shortage of interest when it comes to international students attending university in Sydney. This vibrant city attracts young people from all over the globe, not only does it offer high-quality education, but also an opportunity to immerse yourself in the bustling rich culture and entertainment on offer in this coveted city. Now, each person experiences expat life differently, for me, personally, coming to Sydney was one of the best decisions, and here is why.

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How to Juggle Full Time Studying with International Travel

Youth is the best time to travel and explore the world. There are so many opportunities to travel during this time, that it would be a waste not to take advantage of it. However, it’s also the time when you’re probably looking to enroll into college. But, that doesn’t need to be a problem.

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How to Set Up your Travel Blog with WordPress – The Ultimate Guide

Are you looking to set up your first travel blog? You’ve come to the right place. Here, I’ll take you through exactly how to set up your blog with WordPress, walking you through all the key steps to take you from your travel blog idea to a launched website in no time at all.

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4 Of the Best Things to do in Prague this November

Prague is a city bathing in a blaze of sunshine during the summer months, but if you really want to see it in all its beauty, then take a trip in November. With so much to see and do, the unique atmosphere of the city at this special time of year will be all you need to create memories that last a lifetime. Let’s find a little food for thought by taking a look at 4 of the best things you can do in Prague during the late autumn:

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Quitting Your Everyday Life to Travel: How to be Fearless

With the world now more connected and accessible than ever before, it’s no wonder our generation is spending more and more of their time travelling. Yet with pressures to buy a house, build a career and settle down still ever present in society, what mental hurdles do you face when you decide to quit your everyday life to travel for 12 months? Here’s a rundown of the 6 main doubts and fears I’ve had in the run up to my trip and more importantly, how I’ve overcome them.

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