4 Things to Do if You Feel Milan is Overrated

On my recent trip to Italy and specifically Milan I noticed that despite its glory and beauty, Milan is a city that you can explore in just a day, two if you are one of those slow types of travellers. In my personal opinion, it was overrated. That’s why I came up with this list of amazing places to go close to Milan that are worth even more, if you are done with the city. Read on to discover where you should go if you feel Milan is Overrated! Continue reading “4 Things to Do if You Feel Milan is Overrated”

5 Free Secret Gems South of Alicante

Alicante is a top picked destination for tourists all over the world due to its stunning Mediterranean beaches, historical castles, and paradisiacal sunny weather. However, by being so alluring, it and its surrounding coastline are consequently crammed with foreigners and natives alike all trying to get that holiday tan. So why not step off the beaten path and get some stretching space while still experiencing the Spanish allure? Especially when everything on this list is 100% free (and can also give you that much-wanted tan)? Continue reading “5 Free Secret Gems South of Alicante”

Travelling Back in Time on the North Norfolk Coast

Norfolk tends to have a reputation of being a bit behind the times compared to the rest of the UK, especially thanks to the rural atmosphere, old houses and lack of motorways. In fact, they still travel on steam trains here! Read on to discover how to experience the best of the old fashioned North Norfolk coast. Continue reading “Travelling Back in Time on the North Norfolk Coast”

5 Travel Videos to Inspire your Summer in Europe

Planning to go travelling this summer? Need some inspiration on where to go? Or want to remind yourself how fun InterRailing with a few friends can be? These five travel videos are a great place to start! Each one is guaranteed to make you want to start browsing for flights or pick up an InterRailing pass right away. Continue reading “5 Travel Videos to Inspire your Summer in Europe”

InterRailing on a Budget: 5 Top Tips

So, you’re looking to go InterRailing on a budget, but you’re not sure how to make the most of your money? In this post, we’ll look at five tips to get the most out of a small budget when it comes to choosing where to visit, how to travel, and how to make the best use of your InterRail pass. Continue reading “InterRailing on a Budget: 5 Top Tips”

Prague vs. Budapest: Two Top Cities for 20-Somethings

Prague vs Budapest – one of the most heavily searched questions on the internet, behind “why isn’t 11 pronounced onety one” and “what would happen if I hire two private investigators to follow each other”. Below, we’ll pit the two popular European cities against each other on all the main things the average 20-something traveller would want to do. Nightlife? Check. Backpacker culture? Check. A bit of culture to tell mum and dad about? Check. Read on to discover which city you should travel to for a weekend break. Continue reading “Prague vs. Budapest: Two Top Cities for 20-Somethings”

Driving David Beckham’s Ferrari and Other Supercars

Ever wanted to drive around the Top Gear test track at Dunsfold Aerodrome in your favourite supercars? Well, I did too, and got the chance to drive four of my dream cars with Everyman Racing, who offer driving experience days across the UK. Read on to find out how you can drive a selection of supercars with these driving experience days, including David Beckham’s Ferrari! Continue reading “Driving David Beckham’s Ferrari and Other Supercars”

Top 5 Places To Visit In Bruges

My first encounter with Bruges was actually from the Collin Ferrell film: In Bruges. Before that, I did not even know it existed. But, I was naturally amazed by the preserved medieval architecture and the canals. I mean who wouldn’t be. So, that is when the planning began, to start saving for a trip to Bruges, even if it would only be a small one.

Continue reading “Top 5 Places To Visit In Bruges”

How to Find Cheap Train Tickets in the UK

Great Britain – the birthplace of the train, though inexplicably also home of some of the most expensive train lines in Europe. British trains may not be as punctual or comfortable as their continental counterparts, but they’re still a quick and convenient way to travel across the country. Read on to discover five ways to take the train for less in the UK. Continue reading “How to Find Cheap Train Tickets in the UK”