How to Spend 24 Hours in Vienna

I’ve been to Vienna twice – once in November on a business trip, leaving me with just a day of free time to explore the city, and again the following June on an InterRail trip around Europe – again with just a day to play with before moving on to the Alps. When it comes to making the most of this city in just 24 hours, there’s a few things I’ve learnt from these two trips. If you only have one day to explore this city, read on to discover my top tips! Continue reading “How to Spend 24 Hours in Vienna”

4 of the Best Historical Attractions in Warsaw

Warsaw is possibly one of the most resilient cities in Europe, having been threatened with total destruction many times in it’s history, only to recover again in the following years. In the last few decades, the city has been recovering from almost being destroyed in the Second World War, to enduring a Communist regime imposed by the Soviet Union. Continue reading “4 of the Best Historical Attractions in Warsaw”

Gap Year in a Fortnight: Planning your InterRailing Adventure

There are often two times in young people’s lives when when you get the urge to travel and see the world. The first is before uni, when many 18 and 19 year olds head out to travel before they start their courses and enter the working world. Continue reading “Gap Year in a Fortnight: Planning your InterRailing Adventure”

The Best Apps For InterRailing

There’s countless apps out there designed to make travelling easier and more enjoyable, whether it’s helping you find your way around, plan your trip more effectively, or just to pass the time. When it comes to interrailing, there are a few apps that can really help to make the experience better. Here, we’ll look at the best apps for interrailing that you need to put on your device before you board your first train! Continue reading “The Best Apps For InterRailing”

4 Things You’ll Learn About Clubbing in Berlin

On a recent trip to Berlin, myself and four friends were taken under the wing of a local resident, promising to show us the nightlife that tourists don’t usually get to see. That’s because the Berlin scene is very different other parts of Europe, with it’s own set of rituals and expectations. How do Berliners party? They party hard. Very hard.

Continue reading “4 Things You’ll Learn About Clubbing in Berlin”