Trying to earn money whilst travelling the world is the ultimate dream for many world wanderers. Why spend years saving up the money to travel and then slowly spending it all over many months when you can keep topping up the savings account whilst you’re out there? Whether you want to be a digital nomad or you just want to be able to switch up the scenery without going broke, there are so many ways you can structure your travel so that you’re making money while you do it. Whether you are travelling to see as much of the world as possible, or are done with life in your own country and are now on a mission to find a place to settle down with the help of companies like First Migration, it is worth reading our tips on how to earn money whilst travelling.


Blogging is one of the most popular forms of location-independent work. As a completely flexible and interesting way to earn money, you not only have fun as a blogger, but can make a living by truly helping people. A massive reason that prove to us that blogging is a fantastic way to make an income source is because it allows you to create numerous income streams. Every blogger is able to decide the kinds of income-generating actions they do, including but not limited to: sponsored posts, affiliate sales and advertising revenues. By having more than one way of getting paid by blogging, you’ll have some income security built in and you’ll be able to run your business from anywhere in the world. 


Freelancing is another great opportunity that is similar to blogging and almost as popular. Being able to set your own hours as long as you make sure you hit your deadlines is an extremely satisfying way to earn money whilst on the move. You can freelance in many different ways, such as:

  • Freelance writer
  • Social media manager
  • Digital marketer
  • Graphic designer
  • Web designer

If you’ve got a skill that people would pay for, and you can use that skill 100% online to create and deliver the product, you’ve got a great opportunity for going freelance… and going anywhere you want.

Online businesses

There are numerous avenues you can go down in order to become location-independent and manage a business from anywhere in the world! From selling on Amazon to transcribing to tutoring online to monetizing YouTube videos and many, many more, there are all kinds of ways to make a few extra quid online.

Outdoor work

There are seasonal jobs that you will be able to get throughout the year to beef up that wallet. This includes working on a farm or garden, to joining the staff of camps or resorts. Jobs like these will allow you to travel anywhere in the world at any time of the year and find outdoor work. As long as you are happy to get your hands dirty, you will have a great time whilst earning a bit of extra cash. 

Rent your home

This is probably one of the most overlooked ways to make money whilst you travel. Why let your home gather dust whilst you are away when you can earn money by allowing people to live in it! Services like AirBnB and VRBO let you put your property online for people to rent whilst it is unoccupied. If you have a nice home in a popular area are comfortable arrangement, it can be a great way to add additional funds for your travels. 

This is, of course, not the definitive list of all the ways you are able to make money whilst travelling and you may even think of some other creative ways to earn some extra cash whilst inhaling as much culture as you can. Remember, the internet is a great way to set up a business and get it recognised and out in to the world. But, there is also nothing wrong with hard manual labour where your hard work is paid off with a healthy pay check. 

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