Without a doubt, Brighton is one of the world’s culturally rich cities of Europe. Brighton is one of the beautiful seaside resorts in East Sussex, England. Brighton is known to offer a wide variety of different historical attractions, festivals, museums, theatre, and comedy. So, if you’re travelling in the UK, make sure you have explored these 7 historic attractions of Brighton.

Preston Manor

Topping the list is Preston Manor, it is a pleasant manor house and for more than 200 years, the house belongs to the Stanford family. This place still maintains the atmosphere of the Edwardian country house. With its rich architectural and historical significance, English Heritage has declared this house as Grade II. Preston Manor’s Entrance Hall, Cleves Room, Dining Room, Servants’ Quarters, and Bedrooms are worth visiting. Inside Preston Manor, you get once in a lifetime opportunity to see English and continental furniture and decorative art.

Brighton Bandstand

It’s the unique location, seafront, that make this place a must-visit when you are in Brighton. It was opened in 1884 and it underwent a restoration process and was reopened in 2009. The Bandstand is commonly used for concerts and it is a popular wedding destination as well. Getting married at The Bandstand, when the sun is shining, is a great experience but it is also sheltered offering that right protection from the unpredictable British weather. If you are enjoying a leisure stroll on the beach, make sure you have enjoyed a nice cup of coffee and cake at the beach café.

Royal Pavilion

Also known as Brighton Pavilion, it is a former royal residence. This palace has an Indian-styled design and it undoubtedly a royal elegance at its best. The main highlights of its fantastic architecture are – Chinese-inspired interiors and Indian-styled domes. You get to learn about the transformation of the palace and how it was used as the hospital during World War I. You will be amazed to see the banquet room, where 70-dish feasts used to be served under the sparkling 30ft chandelier. The music room has nine lotus-shaped chandeliers and they are decorated with painted dragons. There is a provision of audio guides, in varied languages, for £2. In addition to being a stunning architecture, the palace also organises an extensive range of events throughout the year.

Stanmer House

Located towards north-east of Brighton, it is a Grade I listed mansion. This 18th century Georgian Manor House is beautifully set in lush green Stanmer Park. This house enjoys a rich history and it is beautifully restored and its contemporary designs are worth witnessing. Since it is open 7 days a week, this is an ideal place to enjoy a nice breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can unwind with a cup of coffee or enjoy a drink at the house bar or you can celebrate a family occasion in one of their private dining rooms.

Besides being a great dining place, this venue offers meetings and conferences facilities as well as extravagant weddings. Regardless of the occasion, their event team is there to assist you throughout the process and ensures all the arrangements are as per your liking.

Chattri Memorial

It is a war memorial in the city of Brighton. It is made on a spot which is 500m above the sea level on Holt Hill. This structure was built during the World War in the remembrance of all the Indian soldiers who fought for the British army and gave their lives.

Whenever an Indian soldier used to die, traditional funeral prayers were offered here and the body was also cremated here. After the body was burnt, the ashes were scattered in the nearby sea along with religious prayers and funeral ceremonies. The first cremation was done on December 31st 1914 and the last cremation took place on 30th December 1915. Chattri Memorial is made using white Sicilian marble and it is around 9 m high. The structure is also listed as Grade II status.

Foredown Tower

It is a former water tower in Portsdale and it was built in 1909. At that time, it served as a water tower for Foredown Hospital. This tower has the largest operational camera obscura in the South East England and it is also a major tourist attraction as well. You need to climb the tower to the viewing room offering you a brilliant view over the nearby countryside and across the Channel. The tower is also the starting point for a walk on the Downs. You get to relax at a small café offering tea, coffee, and ice cream.

St Peter’s Church

It is an Anglican Church in Brighton and it was built during 1824-28. Also known as Brighton Cathedral, it is a spectacular example of pre-Victorian Gothic Revival style and it was designed by Sir Charles Barry. It is a Grade II listed building. When you are here, make sure you become a part of the Sunday worship. The church has beautiful 14th-century wall paintings and these were uncovered during a renovation work in 1830. Some of the major draws are Weighing of Souls and Martyrdom of St Thomas Becket.

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