An extensive maze of streets and structures concealing an array of mind opening experiences, Tokyo continues to engage visitors through a variety of attractions. The city is a perfect blend of traditional and modern sites, from serene, worshipped temples to futuristic architecture highlighting the skyline. Developing into one of the largest cities in the world, Tokyo contains many sites that cannot be missed when visiting.

Sensō-ji Temple and Nakamise Shopping Street

Sensō-ji Buddhist temple is Tokyo’s oldest temple, opening in 645AD. The colourful temple is very easy to access and very popular amongst tourists and locals. Trek through the Thunder Gate, the entrance of the temple’s grounds. Ramble up through the narrow Nakamise Shopping Street, containing an ever extending range of charming markets and traditional food stalls with the temple prominently towering in the distance. Once at the Sensō-ji Temple, appreciate its beautiful architecture, participate in rituals, bestow good luck charms and enjoy the bustling, yet peaceful energy. This journey makes for an extremely engaging morning. 

Tokyo Tower

Standing over Tokyo at an impressive 333m, the Tokyo Tower has become an icon of the city’s skyline. Located within the Minato district, the beloved red and white observation tower was originally opened in 1958. A gift shop is available on the ground level to attain a memorable token of the journey. Become perched 250m above the beautiful city, with sweeping panoramic views to marvel and enjoy. 

Shibuya Crossing

Known to be the busiest crossing in the world, Shibuya Crossing is a marvel to witness when visiting Tokyo. It is said that up to 2500 people cross Shibuya Crossing at a time. Watch from above as thousands of commuters flood and clear the intersection during rush hour. The crossing is also beautifully illuminated at night by surrounding neon signs, raining down vibrant colours from above. Shops and eateries are also in abundance in Shibuya, with various traditional sushi restaurants floating inbetween.

Asahi Headquarters and Beer Hall

An easily recognisable building shaped as a beer glass, foam and all. The Asahi Headquarters, an icon of the Asakusa District, is known to travellers for its unique architecture. Venture to the 22nd floor of the enormous beer glass, and enjoy panoramic views of the city whilst sipping one of Japan’s famous beverages, Asahi beer. The building also offers a range of restaurants to choose from. Next to the headquarters is the Asahi Beer Hall, a smaller building with a unique golden flame on top. The hall contains an exhibition of the captivating history of Asahi. 

Tokyo Disneyland

A trip to Tokyo is incomplete without a visit to the vastly popular Tokyo Disneyland. Evoke the inner wonder as favourite and beloved characters come to life. Enjoy iconic rides such as Splash Mountain, indulge in countless photo ops and browse through the extensive range of gift stores throughout the park. Tokyo Disneyland makes for a very entertaining day trip.

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