Traveling is the ultimate hobby that every person desires, nevertheless of distinctive personalities, interests and conflicting opinions traveling is where every person unites. In my whole life I haven’t met a person who would say he doesn’t like travelling, long drives and chilling expeditions, do you have anyone in your circle, think, think and think harder because here is where the question lies. Some satisfy their travel urge by a friendly fun-packed vacation while other opt for occasional long drives at a beautiful sunny day or starry nights but there are many who don’t step forward because of the travel sickness phobia.

People like me who love to wander in the new streets and explore fresh places, want to get lost in the fresh breezes but are just afraid of the helpless sickness during the traveling knows it well how it feels like killing your travelholic dreams for no specific solid reasons. Even if you don’t travel long some people still find it difficult to sit in the cars and buses with seat belts keeping them erect and uncomfortable, so this blog aims to help every savvy traveler with just a smart handful of tips to keep you away from the situation. 

What happens most of the times is that people tend to suffer from the motion sickness syndrome when they are stuck at one place, the static position of one’s body in a moving packed vehicle causes motion sickness. This is like certain repeated movements that occur when you receive conflicting signals in your mind, this may also happen when you go over bumps, inclined, mountainous roads or boat ride which cause the feeling of bloating in your stomach and makes you feel sick. There is also a possibility for many people to feel the illness if they are fond of reading or using their touch enabled devices during traveling which makes them feel nauseous. But there should be a way to handle the awkward puking situation that ruins your mood, energy and fun, let’s find out here few ways to trick the stomach sickness and make your long hours traveling a peaceful and fun journey. 

Hey, The Window Belongs To Me!

When you plan an outdoor fun day make sure you sit at the window seat, the view and fresh air will help you avoid the suffocation and cold sweating. The simple change in the environment will give you a relief and make you feel fresh.

Divert Your Mind

The second way to escape the situation is to remember that it’s all in the mind, if you will say so, your body will also start acting the same way that’s what I do most of the times and believe it or not it works a lot. Tricking your mind with a statement that no its nothing and adding little efforts by diverting your mind will help you a lot. Try enjoying the view to the fullest, add other activities like listening to music, watch something and don’t panic.

Don’t Leave Your Stomach Empty

What happens most of the times is that an empty stomach is the cause of nausea, preplan your meals if you have a long flight or a hectic driving schedule. Eat frequent easy meals that are not heavy on your stomach such as healthy salads, sandwiches, crackers, snacks and stuff like these will help the motion sickness away. Yes, don’t forget to use the ginger chews that has been an effective remedy since thousands of years to treat motion sickness, car sickness and seasickness.


Meditation has been the best therapy for a lot of syndromes such as anxiety, depression, and travel sickness. Inhale and exhale deep breaths to get rid of the sickness to relax your body and later, you can also refer to the Acupressure technique by pressurizing points with your fingers at anterior of your forearms at the opposite side of the wrist. This point works to soothe nausea and stomach sickness. 

Take Breaks

Nevertheless, you are traveling by air or rail opt for short periodical breaks and get out of the car, walk a little bit, enjoy the view, do a little stretching and then get back to your seats. Engage yourself in talking, discuss any topic of common interest that’s comfortable or listen to a good piece of music if alone, this is the best advice to keep your mind fresh and away from any negative feeling or thought.

These are a couple of worthy tricks to follow during your next expedition so that you can enjoy your travel hours in the most comfortable manner. Say bonbon voyage happily to yourself now without the concern of any sickness and boredom traveling. 

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  1. A very helpful article. Meditation really does help. I used to have motion sickness ever since I know. I recently took up meditation and yoga on my sister’s advice and it has worked wonders for me. I no longer suffer from motion sickness.

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