The backpack is pretty much the most important piece of equipment for backpackers who want to travel the world. Think of it as your new home, where everything you own is stored. And this accompanies you on your back from country to country for weeks, months, and even years because a backpack should already have BFF qualities. BFF? Best Friends Forever!

But the choice is almost endless. Too big or too small? The material should also be strong. And it should sit well. So some variables come together and all these bring only a big question mark- which one to buy?

I have already had some backpacks in the most different versions and can really say that a certain prior knowledge is a big advantage when buying, especially if you, like me, are more of a critical shopper and do not like to get upset by the seller!

Basically, I would love to research and buy my backpack online. If you are first time buyer, then I would recommend reading this guide and checking physically from a store.

For the preliminary research, however, you can visit to Amazon, there are many, many backpacks.

How big should my backpack be?

The size of backpacks is usually expressed in liters.

I personally prefer a small volume, so around the 40 liters since I like to travel very minimalist. For everyone else, however, a 55-liter backpack will be enough.

We all know that you always like to be packed and that this is an inexplicable human phenomenon. We need nothing to do with it. The bigger your backpack the more you will take. Fact!

If you were to travel more and more into colder areas, I would jack up a few liters and still not carry 60 to 70 liters.

Backpacks for women and men

Most backpacks are unisex, so for everyone and everyone. Nowadays, however, there are also extra backpacks for women, which are slightly differently cut to meet our shorter upper body.

Which form or loading style is best?

Classic backpacks can only be loaded from above and usually also have a smaller compartment below.

In the meantime, there are also many backpacks which can be loaded from the side or front, also called a suitcase bag. In my opinion, the suitcase can be super-practical, since you do not have to rummage through the top, but directly as a pocket/suitcase has access to its stuff and so not everything has to be unpacked because of a T-shirt.

What material should my backpack have?

Special fabrics for touring and hiking rucksacks are known for their excellent abrasion resistance and wear resistance. Parts of the material are waterproof with polyurethane, but never the entire backpack can be waterproof to maintain air circulation. For the packsack of your backpack, fabrics made of nylon (polyamide) or polyester are used as the material. There is a big difference in the yarn fineness used for the rucksacks in denier. The coarser the yarn, the higher the denier value. For the backpack, a fabric with at least 330 deniers should be used, and for the backpack cover and backpack floor, at least 500 deniers should be used. If you want extra good quality, then look for a rucksack or tactical backpack, which even has a particularly strong fabric with up to 1000 denier for the backpack floor.

Backpack rain protection

You need to have a rain cover in your backpack as it can protect from rain. This should be large enough so that the exterior equipment does not get wet. Always attach the raincoat to the bag with a cord or rubber. It will not be lost even in a sudden windstorm. The fabric should not be too inferior, however, because no one has ever on wet clothes!

Lockable closures are important!

Two locks are always better than one, so that they can then be connected with a small lock. Particularly important for safety freaks!

Are there preferred colours?

In water-resistant material the color plays less role, my last backpack was white, for example.

Basically, I would have darker colors, e.g. Blue, black or green.

What are good brands?

A great backpack does not always have to be the top brand. There are also many brands of which you have never heard of, but which make super rucksacks. You can visit the online marketplace like Amazon. You will find many quality backpacks with customer review. If you like one, search Google to find what people says about it. Many brands offer a lifetime warranty. You can check it in manufacturer’s website.

How much should I spend on a good backpack?

Expensive is not always good and cheap is not always shit. I’ve ever had a sensational cheap backpack that has kept me a long time.

I would probably never spend more than 150$; My last backpack has cost only 80$.

So do not be too impressed by the prices, but try and decide according to the feeling!

Backpack versus suitcase/roller bag

I know some backpackers traveling with suitcases or roller bag; sometimes I would have wanted something to go after. But with a backpack, your both hands remain free which I enjoy most while traveling. Suitcase or roller bag looks like trouble to be through airport or hotels that have a variety of staircases.

If you really have an adventure on your backpack, you’ll be well advised with a backpack. If you have back pain then suitcase or roller bag is recommended for you.

The backpack market is huge. You will find pack for a different kind of use. You will find some backpack for traveling, some for hiking, some for hunting even some backpack for shooting range! So at first you need to know why you need a backpack? What is the primary use of your bag? Then it will be easier for you to choose the best one!

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