Think of a caravan holiday, and the chances are that one of two things will instantly spring to mind:

  • Childhood holidays with the whole family
  • Rows of holiday caravans packed exclusively with elderly and retired people

Although it’s undeniable that these are the go-to stereotypes of the caravan holiday, it doesn’t mean that these two groups are the only people who can enjoy a break of this type. Instead, caravan holidays can actually make a really great getaway for younger people, couples and millennials too.

Caravans are an enduring staple of the British holiday lifestyle, an idea synonymous with sun, sea and summer. From holiday parks and static caravans in scenic locations to the nomadic lifestyle afforded by exploring the country in a touring caravan, the beauty of a caravan holiday is one that can easily be enjoyed by anyone.

But with the plethora of exotic destinations and luxury getaways on offer around the world, why should you choose the humble caravan holiday?


When you are constrained by the daily tasks, chores and responsibilities necessary to maintain a tidy home, 9-5 day job and strong relationships with family and friends, it can become incredibly easy to fall into a routine of mundanity. This can lead to feelings of confinement and unhappiness, but luckily there is a simple solution – introduce an element of freedom and spontaneity back into your life.

Caravan holidays are the perfect antidote to a humdrum lifestyle. They allow you complete freedom over every aspect of your holiday, from activities to meal times and so much more besides. If it is a relaxed, spur-of-the-moment type of break that you need, a caravan holiday will make an impeccable choice.


Many people struggle to book holidays as they are unable to commit to having specific time off months in advance. Whether it is unpredictable shift work or family commitments, this uncertainty can have a real impact when it comes to planning holidays. In this situation, a caravan is a perfect choice. With a caravan, you are free to travel whenever you want, meaning that last-minute getaways are easier than ever before.

Travel on a Budget

It’s no secret that travelling can be an expensive hobby. Of course, there are plenty of tips and tricks for seeing the world without breaking the bank, but these often require lots of previous knowledge, research and inside information that many people simply don’t have. Instead, caravans are the perfect option when it comes to enjoying great holidays on a limited budget. There are also plenty of pricing options with caravans, right through from high-end luxury caravans to the other end of the spectrum. A caravan holiday is an ideal way to save money without having to forego your annual getaway.


If you are one of those people who love nothing more than travelling across the country or exploring a brand new corner of the world, the caravan lifestyle will be well-suited to you. A touring caravan gives you the luxury of travelling wherever you want – just fuel up your car, hitch up the caravan, and away you go! Touring caravans aren’t just limited to the UK, either, so if you find yourself feeling particularly confident and adventurous, you could also try taking your caravan across the channel for a European getaway.

Making Memories

Above all else, the enduring charm and long-lasting appeal of the caravan is down to the fond memories these types of holidays bring. Whether it is quality time with family members and loved ones or a quiet couples retreat, the memories you make on a caravan holiday are ones guaranteed to be cherished for many years to come.

This summer, why not try something new? Escape to the great British countryside and plan a caravan holiday for your next getaway.

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