Unusual and strange places fill the earth. There are remote sites, serene, and tranquil with secrets waiting silently for us to uncover and discover.

Strange as they are, these places are perfect for your adventurous vacation. If you are in for some adventure and fun, then here we go – the 4 most bizarre places in the world we could find!


Antarctica is one of the most isolated locations on this planet. It is considered the coldest continent, but more than that, it also has the most unusual weather on earth.

Would you believe that aside from holding 90% of the freshwater ice on the planet, the place is classified a desert because of the slight rainfall that pours down every year?

For years, many scientists traveled to Antarctica trying to unravel its secrets hidden for centuries. Just lately, they discovered a valley deep-seated than the Grand Canyon underneath the ice sheets of West Antarctica. They also found a chain of a dozen underwater volcanoes near Antarctica.

Another strange discovery is pictures taken by the scientists which resemble a huge staircase going up the side of the mountain there.

When seen in Google Earth for the first time, speculations presume it was the lost Atlantis or a landing area for the UFOs or even the Nazi. Until today, there are no official statement from scientists what the staircases were for and where it leads, while others presume it is a product of Photoshop and other kinds of digital alterations.

Whatever it is, it is left to the imagination as to what the structure might be for.


In 2016, a group of Scientists from Salt Lake City, Utah went to Greenland and spent a couple of weeks on the ice sheet. Upon their return from Greenland, they made a report that there was evidence that the climate in the area is getting warm and they relate it to be coming from under the ice.

It is not new to the scientists. Five years ago, they discovered water flowing freely underneath the sheets of ice. When the ice core was dug out, water gushed out, and the water never froze even at the height of winter.

The theory now is that the snow that falls from the mountains lay on thick on top and insulates the water beneath. One question, however, remains: How much of this water flows down to the sea and will it affect the going up of sea-levels?

Aside from the fact that it is not as green as its name,  this icy country has many surprises in store. It has well-preserved flora and fauna that attract tourists year all-year round. Greenland also boasts of Ilulissat Icefjord glacier, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

If you want to see hot springs as well in an icy country, Greenland is the place to be.

Jatinga Village

In the northeastern part of India, lies a small village in Assam they call Jatinga. It is a place of greenery and mountains that surround the whole stretch of the village. Despite its livable beauty, it is a place of numerous suicides.

Right after the sun sets to its cradle, hundreds of different kinds of birds dive down mid-flight from the sky and crash into buildings and trees.

Scientists are so baffled as to what might be the reason. But according to theories, the birds get disoriented during the monsoon effluvium. They are migrating when the monsoon rain starts because their natural habitat gets wiped-out during flooding.

What is unclear here is why do the birds travel at this particular time of the night when normally it is the time for their sleep. The first “mass bird hara-kiri” as was popularly known, happened in the 1900s.

You can witness this mass winged-suicide between September to November.

New Zealand

In 1986, a team of archaeologists found a bird’s claw while digging in one of the caves of Mount Owen Moa in New Zealand.

The muscles and flesh of the bird are still intact, and archaeologists confirmed it was the foot of an extinct bird called wingless moa which disappeared from the face of the earth 2000 years ago. The wingless moa measures up to 12 feet high and weighs 250 kilograms. The Moa claw stays now in the historical museum of New Zealand.

Aside from their astounding collection of fossil remains, beautiful beaches and coastlines fill the land of the Kiwi. You can see shorelines within an hour; everywhere you are in New Zealand. It’s a beautiful place any time of the year.


Most travel around the world usually to familiar places along beaches or some tropical islands. It would be challenging and more exciting to go to these mysterious places and have a little experience of a pristine place of unraveled mystery and beauty. Why not once in your lifetime, see these places for a change? It would all be worth remembering.

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