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More and more people are choosing to lead a nomadic life, while still completing their work-related tasks. This is, of course, possible due to the development of telecommunication technologies, which allow us to travel, meet other cultures and people and work from almost anywhere in the world. Needless to say, this option is attractive to many people, particularly younger ones, who want to see as much of the world as possible, but also not miss out on the opportunity to make a living.

However, it’s not easy turning this idea into reality, particularly if you want to make the most out of the experience. To begin with, your job has to allow you to work from remote places and provide you with sufficient funds to be able to travel to remote places and stay there for a few weeks or even months every year. Next, you need to research the desired destination and the cost of living there before you book your ticket and accommodation. Finally, you don’t want to travel somewhere and not be able to leave your temporary office to meet the new culture and do a bit of sightseeing.

Australia as a natural choice

With millions of tourists flocking to all parts of Australia each year for different reasons, it’s safe to say that there are few other places in the world which offer such variety. For a digital nomad, it’s a perfect destination, since so many different things can be seen, visited or experienced once you are down under. It saves you quite a lot of money you’d otherwise spend visiting several different places to get the same experience.

Apart from the famous Uluru and the Outback, there are magnificent sandy beaches providing a fantastic surfing experience. You can also visit the Great Barrier Reef, or decide to visit Sydney’s Opera House. If, on the other hand, you choose to visit Melbourne, you’ll be able to enjoy its café culture, which will give you a taste of Europe. The list doesn’t end here, but even if it did, you’d have more than enough reasons to consider visiting Australia.

Widely available Internet connection

No digital nomad can work without a stable Internet connection and you’ll be happy to know that Australians and their guests can find it in a wide range of places, such as cafés, bars, campsites and specially designed co-working spaces.

Co-working spaces

In case you need a fully equipped space, which you’d be happy to share with likeminded people, you’re in luck. The digital nomad community in Australia is booming, which means there are a lot of shared offices and other types of co-working spaces available. They differ in terms of the amenities they provide, location and size, but they basically offer the same service, which is the most important thing every digital nomad is looking for.

So, whether you need to find a shared office space in Sydney or some other place in Australia, you’ll be able to find what you need. However, the problem can be that other people have already discovered it too and booked it before you. So, as soon as you start making plans about going to Australia, make sure you check the availability of the co-working spaces you like.

No language barrier

Since English is the most popular language for communication between people from different countries, you will have no problems with your stay in Australia, because its official language is English. Even if you’re not a native speaker of English, chances are you use it reasonably well, otherwise you wouldn’t be travelling so much. That means you’re unlikely to have a language barrier when communicating with both locals and your clients and associates.


You should be prepared to spend between 20 AUD for a night in a dorm room to 200 AUD for a night in a larger, chain hotel. You can save the most by staying at a campsite in your tent, but that’s not an option for a longer stay, unless you visit Australia during a warm season.

When it comes to food, like everywhere else, eating out is much more expensive than cooking your own meals. Luckily, if you’re not a keen cook, you can try some street food and Australia is famous for a selection of some of the best dishes from all over the globe, as well as its own local dishes. Use your stay to taste some of the most exotic and delicious food there is, if you really want to experience something new.
Once you get to Australia, you’ll need to sort out local transportation. Local city trains and buses are quite inexpensive and you can use coaches to travel around the country if you wish to save some money. Alternatively, you can rent a car and drive anywhere you like. Flying is the fastest, but also the most expensive option. Still, some people would rather save time than money and the plane is the perfect solution in that case.

Visiting Australia is quite different from visiting most other places, because there is an amazing mixture of culture, entertainment and business opportunities. If you do your homework and carefully plan your travels and stay, you will be able to make the most out of the nomadic lifestyle, while at the same time getting all your work done. After all, that is the point of being a digital nomad after all, isn’t it?

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