Last Updated on August 31, 2019

A national park is a conserved area owned and operated by the government and is a place where animals, trees, plants and flowers are encouraged to live in their natural environments. These areas are there for the benefit of those wildlife and vegetation but they’re also accessible to the general public but respect is required in the natural habitat and there are strict park rules applying. The very first national park was established in the USA way back in 1872 specifically at Yellowstone National Park. At the time, it wasn’t titled a national park but it has naturally progressed as that.

Today all the continents of the world (Antarctica has no national parks but by international agreement is a conserved area) have national parks and they are wonderful places to visit. These national parks are the perfect places to experience a countries natural habitat in comparison to a more forced environment like a zoo or wildlife park. National parks are also amazing places for people to improve their fitness; to take long walks and runs or cycles and everyone should have a visit to at least one national park in their lifetime. It’s likely that some people aren’t even aware of the proximity of a national park to them so the next time you’re looking for somewhere to visit, seek out your nearest national park first!

The guys at Ireland Walk Hike Bike have created this infographic below which details some of the key points of national parks located in all of the world continents. Marvel in their flora and fauna and also learn some fascinating facts to astound your friends… or maybe use the graphic to add some destinations to your travel bucket list! Check it out below!

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