It’s hard not to be amazed by the beautiful cosmopolitan land of Hong Kong, which is known for having 40 percent of its territory protected by country parks. Hong Kong can seem like an unusual puzzle at first, since it balances between a busy city and idyllic beaches with hidden pockets of Buddhist cultural heritage.

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In order to truly make your trip to Hong Kong worthwhile, you have to make sure that you gather a wide range of experiences that this magnificent city has to offer. Make a plan of activities and sights you shouldn’t miss, and make sure you find some time for the ones listed below, as well.

Try being a panda keeper

Hong Kong is home to the most adorable bears in the world, and you can even be their nanny for a day thanks to the service Ocean Park provides. Besides the fun you can have exploring the wonders of the sea world, you can also discover how a day in a panda’s life looks like. You get to prepare them food (they eat A LOT of bamboo), clean after them, but also be their playmate. Most people are surprised to discover how big the giant panda actually is, which is why children panda keepers need to be escorted by adults. All you have to do is fill an online form and confirm payment in advance, and also make sure you get general admission tickets to Ocean Park. 

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Enjoy the view from the Peak

Once you get the first view of Hong Kong from the ground, you will realize why you need to be higher to get the best sightseeing experience. Visiting the Victoria Peak is the best option for seeing everything there is, because it is the highest point of Hong Kong, and a stunning 554 meters high. The Sky Terrace in the Peak Tower is probably the best lookout point, but the viewing platform from the Peak Galleria and Lion’s Pavilion should not be underestimated either. It would be best to come around here around sunset to catch the blue hour. After a long sightseeing day, you might want to relax with your favorite drink. For those of you who don’t like experimenting with unknown types of drinks, enjoying a bottle of champagne in Hong Kong is just what you might need.

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Feast upon dim sum

It’s no wonder that the Cantonese translation of dim sum means “touch your heart”, because this dish definitely warms up your left chest area. Dim sum originates from tea tasting festivals, when it was used to enhance the taste of the tea. Nowadays, you can have dim sum at every Hong Kong street corner, but you should know that 1 Michelin Star restaurants have the best dim sum there is. Although there are hundreds of places where you can eat dim sum in Hong Kong, you will still have to wait up to 2 hours for your meal if you choose to eat during rush hour. You will probably avoid all lines after 3:30 pm. Once you order, you should know that the teapot that arrives first is NOT for drinking, but rather for cleaning the chopsticks and cups.

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Climb your way up to the Big Buddha

If you are looking for the ultimate pilgrim gathering spot, then the bronze statue of Buddha Shakyamuni is the place to visit. It took 12 years to build this 34-meter-high statue that symbolizes the harmony between humans and nature. It’s definitely worth a half-day visit, especially if you plan on visiting the Po Lin Monastery, one of the most important Buddhist sanctuaries located just opposite the Big Buddha. Since all of them lie near the Ngong Ping Village, you can take the Ngong Ping 360 cable car down to the Big Buddha and enjoy a 5.7-km-long ride with a 360-degree view of Hong Kong.

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If you have more time, make sure to take a stroll through the Hong Kong Park and finish your day with an evening walk around Soho and Sheung Wan. This might be just the perfect way to end a day in Hong Kong as we see it, but it’s up to you to plan your own perfect day and see it for yourself. 

Featured Photo by Ryan McManimie

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