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Your bags are packed, your email inbox is up-to-date, and your desk is clean. Now nothing stands between you and that relaxing getaway for which you’ve worked so hard. Or does it? Strange as it may sound, you can have all your ducks in a row and still find your mind stuck in the office. Even worse, you may become so stressed over things like plane tickets, hotel reservations, and itineraries that you come back from your vacation feeling like you need a few days off.

Sound familiar? If so, then relax. We’ve got six sure-fire tips for making sure your time off leaves you relaxed and refreshed, not weak and weary. Ready? Here they are.

Tip #1: Remind Yourself Everything at Work is Fine

Busy people like you do a lot for your organization; sometimes too much. And that’s good; the best way to enjoy job security is to make yourself irreplaceable. But vacation is the worst possible time to orry about whether your co-workers are surviving without you around, according to productivity experts interviewed by HuffPost. If you’re (reasonably) current on your workload and have left thorough instructions for your colleagues, then remind yourself things will be fine until you get back. In fact, not having you around for awhile may make your boss realize just how important you are, which isn’t bad for job security either!

Tip #2: Plan in Moderation

It always pays to do your research, even when planning for a vacation. Every destination has its share of fun, fascinating things to do that require a little planning ahead. So avail yourself of these opportunities while you’re in town. But remember that every virtue can become a vice if carried to an extreme. That includes preparation. So leave yourself some free time to do whatever comes to mind at the moment. That way you’ll enjoy a nice mix of structure and spontaneity.

Tip #3: Consider an all-Inclusive Package

Vacations are like anything else. The more complex the design, the more likely something will go wrong. A great way to avoid stress-inducing SNAFUs is to choose a package with prearranged lodging, activities, attractions, and travel, according to Fodor’s Travel. Travel experts have already done the hard work of setting everything in place, leaving you with nothing to do but relax.

Tip #4: Choose Your Companions With Care

There’s nothing like the camaraderie that comes from two friends who share a mutual interest. So, if your vacation plans include a friend, make sure you both have enough in common to do things together.

Tip #5: Pack Light

You’re going on vacation to leave your burdens behind, not to lug them around on your shoulder. So bring what you need and forget the rest. Else you may return with a sore back and sagging spirits; and that’s no good for anyone.

Tip #6: Make Sure Everything is Okay at Home

Nothing ruins a trip like remembering you left the faucet running in your kitchen sink when you’re over the ocean and 50,000 feet in the air. So make sure everything at home is in order before setting out for your destination. Here are some essential steps you should take:

  • Turn off the water line running to your washing machine.
  • Suspend mail delivery to your home.
  • Unplug electronics and small appliances.
  • Ask a friend or neighbor to keep an eye on things.
  • Cut the grass and trim the hedges before departing.
  • If you have pets, make provisions for their care in your absence.

A vacation is good medicine for your health, your peace of mind, and even your career. So enjoy yourself. After all, nobody deserves time off more than you.

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