When at home, we have the luxury of making our own meals and paying a visit to the doctor’s office if something is wrong. We have all our clothes at our disposal, so we’re ready for all weather changes, and we also have our set workout routine. When on the road, all of those ‘luxuries’ are gone, so we have to make do. More importantly, when on the road, staying healthy is way more difficult, due to climate changes, different food and even air. The exercise part also becomes a tad trickier as we don’t have our gym nearby, so improvisation is necessary. Still, there is no reason you need to abandon your pursuit of health and fitness when away from home. There are simple ways to go about your routine, and today, we’re going to show you just how simple it is. 

Use the long wait

If you’re switching flights and you have several hours to kill, or your flight has been delayed, don’t mope around and foster a sedentary lifestyle. Use this time to walk all over the airport, cover all the ground you can. The more steps your phone records, the better it is for your health. After all, sitting is the new smoking, so get up, and walk it off. Think of the delay as a great chance to rack up some steps. 



You are already well-aware of the positive impact exercising has on your health, fitness and energy levels. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, you’re going to need all your energy and focus, and there is nothing like breaking a good sweat to keep you fresh and energized. If you’re staying in a hotel and have access to the gym, you have no problem whatsoever. All you need to do in this case is pack your workout gear and you’re ready to continue with your routine just as if you were at home. However, if you don’t have access to a gym, you can totally pull off a quality exercise session from your hotel room. You can do sit-ups, squats, use water bottles as weights, and for running – just find the nearest park and complete your jogging session there. A change of scenery might even act as a motivation tool. Of course, you can always do yoga wherever you are, and if you don’t have a mat, improvise with a couple of big towels. 

Mind your diet

It’s very easy to forget all about your healthy dietary habits when on the road and just give in to whatever you’re exposed to. Resist the urge to cheat and try to stay on the healthy diet course. Even on the plane, while everyone else is munching on junk food whether during the flight or a layover, you should pack your own healthy snacks. You can order incredible healthy organic food online, have it delivered to your door before the trip, and be fully stocked in the healthy snack department. Just because you’re away doesn’t mean you get to cheat, although with these delicious snacks, you won’t even feel the need to do so. Even when you’re staying in a hotel, you can simply use the coffee maker in your room, or ask for a jug of warm water and make your own healthy breakfast with the oatmeal and chia seeds that you made sure to bring from home. Another thing to consider when eating food around the globe is that some of it won’t agree with your stomach. To lessen your chances of feeling sick from food abroad try using an at-home food sensitivity test beforehand.

Hydration, and more hydration

While the general rule of thumb is eight glasses of water a day, for a person who is physically active, that amount can and should be bigger. Dehydration can occur in high altitudes, so even on the plane, make sure you drink at least a bottle of water for every hour you’re on the plane. Dehydration can have severe consequences on your health, such as grogginess, lack of focus and energy, not to mention that your kidneys stay deprived. So, for the sake of your overall well-being and fitness, keep hydrated at all times. Drink bottled water only as you can never be sure whether tap in another country is safe enough to drink. The last thing you want during a trip is to get sick. 

Finally, whether you’re headed to a meeting or going sight-seeing, try to walk as much as you can, or better yet, rent a bike and get your workout and your sightseeing all in one. If you’re looking for more fitness advice, Form Me Fit has some great tips for exercises you can do with dumbbells and other equipment while traveling. Use every opportunity to be out in the fresh air, and think of every destination as a way to get more steps under your belt. See, staying healthy and fit on the road isn’t difficult at all. With just a few adjustments, it can be just like home. 

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