With foodies taking over the globe, it was only a matter of time before some wise soul started wondering: Hey, why don’t I take a trip to the place that makes my favourite booze and consequently my favourite headache? Although you can easily order your next delicious margarita in your nearby bar, every cocktail-lover will appreciate the skill and expertise that comes into making these concoctions in a particular corner of the globe.

Anyone eager to get tipsy just reading about these drinks? Let’s dive into the juicy joy of this cocktail map and see where you should book your next flight based on your most beloved colourful beverage!

Piña colada by Puerto Rico

For peeps with a crush on pineapple, a summer, exotic favourite, look no further than the capital of Puerto Rico, San Juan. This traditional, rum and coconut-infused treat is a signature drink not only of the city, but of the entire nation of Puerto Rico, and as such, it represents its untamed tropical beauty. It also makes for the perfect refreshment when you get ready for your beach mode.

Even though it’s a simple recipe, and a tasty one no matter how you choose to blend it, you’ll find that the best ones are made (drumroll, please), in the slushie machines in the many bars across the city, including the famous Barrachina. But if you know a local, do ask them for their home-made version – they seem to be the staple of their heritage.

Mimosa by France

If you’ve ever needed an excuse to book a flight to Paris and spend a weekend gallivanting from one brunch spot extraordinaire to another, this is your moment! This painfully simple drink is the Parisian personification of poise, and while you’re there, the cuisine to go along with this marvellous drink is equally to die for.

Look for the best mixologists of the city in some of their famous, dimly-lit bars such as the Experimental Cocktail Club, or the Bluebird, among so many others that have quite an impressive list of beverages they can compose. Surely, mimosas will be found on many a menu among these Parisian hidden gems!

Cosmopolitan by New York

The drink that symbolises all things chic and feminine, the Cosmo might have been made famous by the Sex and the City show, but it has been an NYC favourite ever since the late eighties. The Cosmo tastes like sass in a glass – the vodka gives it edge, while cranberry gives it just the ideal shade of pink, and the remaining ingredients only level up the fun.

As advanced as the trends in mixology in NYC may be, the classics still prevail as the signature sips in many bars, and the Cosmo still reigns supreme. You’ll find that no concoction is too complex, no recipe too bold for a New York cocktail lover, and yet we all come back to Cosmo sooner or later.

Mojito by Cuba

For those whose hips love the rhythm of salsa and who share Cuba’s incomparable love of life, it comes as no surprise that your liquor of choice comes in a chilly glass with mint leaves in the mix. The zest alone is enough to keep you refreshed in the sultry sun of Cuba, while the mint-infused rum gives the beverage just the perfect punch, prepping you for that sweet aftertaste. If you feel your mouth watering by the minute, rush straight to the busy streets of Havana for a few nights of cultural exploration in the shape of their culinary and cocktail scene.

La Fontana is a classy spot to taste their unique, even more citrusy take on the classic recipe, while the La Guarida is another local treasure trove of palatable delights. However, you can hardly go wrong with any paladar in the city, so do some walking with your travel buddies or even on your own and indulge in the minty fresh of Mojito paired with their pungent cigars.

Negroni by Italy

As sweet as this rich cocktail may be, the legendary shot of gin that led to its birth lands quite a powerful punch, making Negroni the cocktail for the feisty, the brave, and the spirited – see what we did there? If a glass of this orange-laden sweetness is truly your cup of delight, then so will be many other things Italian.

Wrap up a history lesson and a cocktail trip in a single go, and you get Rome as your perfect destination of choice. From the renowned bar at the Hassler Hotel, all the way to the unexpected Pasticceria Dagnino, you’ll come across many a bartender serving a glass of this fine drink, all authentic and unique in their own manner.

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