You’ve done it, you’ve packed up your belongings and said bon voyage to your old home, your old town, your old life. You’ve hired a truck that does removals to France (or Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Geneva, Holland… You get the point). Your new life has started, you are master of your own destiny, you have made the ultimate change and decided to set up camp in a different part of the world and it feels great! You don’t even think about your old friends, the local clubs and the smelly buses that used to be a part of your existence. Or do you?

A lot of people have similar stories when they move far away. People moving from country to country has become a way of life in the 21st century. Everyone feels the rush of freedom as they finally take control of the reigns and jet off around the world to set up camp somewhere else. But as certain as we are that day will turn to night, the expat will inevitably feel a twinge of something that can only be described as homesickness.

So how do you fight this inevitable stage of depressing reminiscence about your old life? Is there a way to get over it and move on with your new life? Here are the top four ways to cure homesickness.

Commit to New Relationships

Nobody can survive without friends. Make it your mission to go out and find people with similar interests

to you and make sure you initiate plans with them. If you keep yourself busy and are constantly having fun whilst discovering your new home, you will be sure to prevent a bout of homesickness from coming on hard and heavy.

Start a New Hobby

An idle mind is the devil’s workshop. If you prevent yourself from keeping busy, you will allow yourself a lot of time to reflect on the past as you are making no memories in the present and you will surely start to feel homesick. Make sure you give your mind plenty of fun activities and hobbies to think about, whether that be learning a language or trying a sport unique to your adopted country, the possibilities are endless!

Indulge in a Home Cooked Meal from Home

Whilst it’s great to expand your culinary horizons, sometimes there is nothing quite like the taste of home. By cooking up a little bit of your personal history, the smells and tastes of a family recipe can help settle those homesick nerves. You could even invite a new friend over to indulge in a plate of your home cooked culture.

Be Part of the Action from Afar

If there is a big event coming up at home that you are missing out on like a family members birthday or a wedding, why not be part of the action from afar? Pick up your phone and help the family plan the event from where you are, let them know all of the best places at home to order a cake, or a present you know your brother would really love for his birthday.

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