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It doesn’t matter whether you love or hate long flights, they have become more of a necessity to get to some of the far-flung areas. You will come across different types of people, some of them really cherish them but there are some who loathe them.

But, frankly, I think that there is nothing to be worried and in fact they can be enjoyed if you have done some planning beforehand and armed yourself with helpful tips for surviving a long-haul flight. So, here are some helpful tips to survive long haul flights.

Pick Your Food Carefully

Make sure you eat carb-rich foods such as whole grain bread, spaghetti, and oatmeal, it will surely help you to easily cope with the jetlag. With high levels of insulin, it really helps in the easy transition from one sleep and eating schedule to another. Carb-rich foods really help in encouraging insulin secretion; this is the reason they are helpful in minimising jet lag.

Make sure you have avoided drinking coffee; it actually stimulates your nervous system leaving you nervous. Instead, you can ask for chamomile tea, it will help you relax. It is important you are in a relaxed mood and you should reach on time to check in. Once you have gone through the security check, you will have plenty of time to relax.

Keep Your Alcohol Intake To A Minimum

If you have a habit of falling asleep after having a glass of wine, then make sure you have ordered a small bottle. Make sure you know that it is a sedative and it also acts as a stimulant in the first few hours after you drink it, this means that it may help you to keep your up.

Make sure you know that drinking too much will make you dehydrate and tired, it will only worsen the problem of dehydration you are already going through and you will most probably experience jet lag once you land. There is also a possibility of getting sick and I am sure you don’t want to land up in that situation.

Wear Comfortable Clothes

The temperature in the plane won’t suit you all the time, you may be freezing but the other person might be feeling hot. You never know what type of temperature you will encounter in the plane, so it is advisable to be prepared. While you are on a long haul flight, make sure you wear comfortable & loose clothes. For men, jeans, t-shirt, and a pair of slippers will be comfortable and for the females leggings, tank tops, the blouse, a scarf, are recommended and avoid heels at every cost.

Make sure you have packed an extra set of clothing in order to help you feel fresh. When it comes to shoes, make sure they are comfortable and most importantly flat.

Carry Your Toiletries

Make sure you have rinsed with mouthwash, brushed your teeth, and combed your hair tidily, all this can help you feel like a new person. Using a ziplock bag, you can pack your toiletries and make sure you have kept them within your reach. In the event, your checked luggage is delayed, at least you can easily use all your essentials. If you are travelling in economy class through Korean Air, you will be provided with toiletry kit.

Keep Moving

While you are on a plane, you will be confined to your seat only, but it is important you keep moving even while sitting on your seat. This will help in proper blood circulation in your body. Make sure you walk down the aisles on regular intervals and keep stretching your legs as well.

If you have a window seat and there are two other people sleeping beside you and blocking your way out, you can stretch your arms and legs while sitting on the chair itself. Rotate your neck around slowly in a circular motion and you can do the same to your wrists and ankles as well to keep the blood flow in your body.

Carry Your Noise-Cancellation Headphones 

While you are travelling on an airplane, the ambient noise of plane’s engine can cause stress. If you are carrying your own noise-cancelling headphones or ear plugs, it will surely come handy in blocking the sounds such as crying babies, people talking loudly, or the flight attendants. You can also keep an audio book or meditation music, they will surely help you in cancelling the noise and enjoy a sound sleep.

Travel Light 

This one is no brainer. Make sure you are not carrying too much load on the airplane with you. In the event your bags are too large, it won’t fit in the overhead luggage compartment and you will have to adjust them under your seat, this will mean cutting your leg room space.

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